Colombia Simon Pajoy Caldon


農園名Simon Pajoy Caldon
品種Caturra, Castillo
生産処理Fully washed
その他Cupping score: 88


This coffee from Finca La Esperanza among several others from Paicol is part of a new “project” we hope to develop over time. We cupped through a huge amount of tiny lots from Huila blindly with our exporter. There was a range of coffees that stood out from the others and they were all from this region. We went there to visit and it’s clear that there is huge potential in this under sourced region. The farmers are producing tiny amounts of high quality as they don’t have the market yet. But as soon as they find someone interested they are ready to increase and invest. Cadefihuila is also very supportive in establishing a formal program with these producers.

Cherry Floral Raspberry
Great florals, red berry notes and juicyness

Lot #: CO-2016-104


Colombia Simon Pajoy Caldon